mardi 17 janvier 2012

"Kazamix and Friends" Digital and 33T

"Kaza" is first of all a house destroyed Today. Since 1996, it has sheltered Freadz and Framix (whose two cowboy-dubist cds have been released from Hi-Subway).and mix in several party by Radio Bomb, Dj Rupture..

As soon as they escaped from Art school, the two compañeros have started to torture old keyboards (organs) with a lot of effects, a stack of second hand flea market records, and a four-track.
Rumours say they were then cheap sci-fi workshippers, cheezy western movies fans, haiwaiian guitar lunatics, and electronica lovers.
From these travels beyond the tropics, where one can relax along beaches sided with a generous and benevolent nature... Under latitudes where even if you are under the attack of a space invaders or the threat of a bomb about to be dropped you still feel to ease with life for once and for all...
Well, uh, who knows what those two chaps are able to bring back from this trip to our grey world?
And oh, we almost forgot to tell you: the guys are giving shelter to two ducks; Popey & Djungo, and these two are all at the same time muses and pet animals and a part of the backbone of the Kazamix Isalnd's universe.
And the album?
Well it is the summary of all that happened in this strange place whether it be musical or pictural (3 video track are hidden at the end of the 17 songs trip).
Entirely homebrewed, the album as been followed by a second Kazamix 33T vinyl record " Kazamix and Friends", which will be rather aimed at "dance-flowers"
All praise due to that's been delivered thanx to Kuma ( and Mac Ricow (thank you guys)

Today the Band is smashed but the sounds are still alive with new project such as "Mamba4cats" ( Trio Dj that compose and and Freadz Brazilian project "kazamix Do Brazil" with Mc Flora and the band Pentagono, i also prepare a Massive Ragga/Break project with guest such as Swanburger From "Sollilaquist of sound"
released 03 March 2003
Composé, interprété, mixé et mis en images par Freadz (aka ti-mal23) et framix.
Contre basse "Doyobest"; Kham (Lo-Jo triban)
Clavier sur "Doyobest" ; Zingaman - Ghost in Saturn
Voix sur "Eazy Muffin"; Dr Jekill, "Spook and the guay", "Boom Club"
Sax "Skabawa" ; Philly "La Ruda"
Guitare classique "un monde meilleur" ; Claude Réthoré

Thanks to ; Dj Freez, popey, Jacob, Kazamix Ambassadors

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